IT Helpdesk & Process automation consulting
Based in lake County, Ohio



My name is Darien and I am an IT professional.

I have naturally been driven by helping others in my personal and professional life. IT started out as a hobby I had a natural gift at learning and understanding. I am proud to have made an accomplished career out of my hobby and every challenge it brings. 

Beginning my career in IT, my hunger to solve the next IT problem in front of me drove my ambitions to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible by involving myself in anything and everything, no task was too big or small to take on. 

When every day computer problems became less challenging, I began learning how to design and set up networks from the ground up for businesses and enjoyed explaining each step of the way in what their investment will do for them.

I have found my personal niche to be analyzing a need and coming up with the most cost-efficient way to address it. It may be a fixing a computer issue, setting up a network from scratch, or it could be automating a routine task an accountant spends hours a week completing. My accomplishment comes from using the vast amount of IT tools I have come across in my career to improve the company’s bottom line.

I hope you will entrust me to be a part of your growth.

Thank you.

What I DO (in broad terms)

Computers, servers, phones, printers, audio/visual, etc.
I provide onsite and remote support to resolve any IT-related issues.
No more reporting from spreadsheets! Use the same sources of data (Excel, ERP, MRP, etc.) to build a dynamic visual dashboard and detect problems sooner.
Security is of utmost importance in anything I do.
If you have concerns about security with any of your solutions (computers, servers, email spam, backups, phones, penetration testing, etc.) I have many solutions to ease your mind.
It's important to have a plan when an IT disaster strikes. I will work with you and your budget to ensure your business can continue in the event of a security breach or data loss.

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